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With a choice of over 1000 clematis, how can the gardener know the characteristics, growing requirements, attractions, faults and flowering time of so many? Some years ago the author devised a straighforward classification of clematis by dividing them into 12 groups, a system which is now universally followed. The main part of the book considers all 12 groups in order of flowering . Each group has an unmistakable description and unambiguous illustrations. A number of easy to grow clematis in each group are described and illustrated. Understandable but brief descriptions are given for the cultivation of each group. A knowledge of just 12 clematis, one from each group, gives the key to knowing all 1000. With this key the gardener can quickly choose what appeals and what suits the chosen planting area. There is also guidance on how to buy clematis and how to develop a clematis collection. Lists of the best clematis are provided.
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