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Product Information

Dahlias are a well-established classic for many gardeners. Their variety of form and hue enables them to be at home in gardens of any size. Easy to grow despite their exotic appearance, dahlias rarely fail to produce impressive, beautifully formed blooms.

This handbook contains advice for growing a wide variety of dahlias, from simple single-flowered types to balls with tightly rolled petals. It includes an illustrated directory of over 50 types, with descriptions of their foliage, blooms, height and growing conditions.

This is a practical guide to growing and caring for dahlias, with instructions for planting, pruning and propagating, and how to deal with common pests and diseases.

It shows you how to buy dahlias and how to grow and propagate them successfully from seed, tubers, shoots and cuttings.

Be it perfection of flowers that you seek, or just a glorious profusion of brightness in the garden, there is something for everyone in the world of dahlias.

Author Ted Collins
Binding Paperback
Date published October 2014
Number of pages 64
Publisher Southwater


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