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Lavishly illustrated, "Growing Hardy Orchids" highlights over one hundred and fifty species of hardy orchids in North America, Europe, and Australia that will thrive in temperate climates with little or no protection.

Orchids have enormous horticultural appeal and are widely cultivated at home, so gardeners seeking to beautify their yards will delight in this well-researched and practical step-by-step guide.

Focusing on the cultivation of orchids in greenhouses, pots, and gardens, "Growing Hardy Orchids" offers a wealth of advice on planting seedlings, ensuring nutritional needs will be met, and preventing pests and diseases, all clearly explained through the basics of orchid structure and life history.

In addition to an abundance of practical cultivation information, the book provides timely accounts of conservation and attempts to reintroduce native orchids back into the wild.

The authors are among the world's foremost orchid experts, and this colourful guide will enable even the humblest beginner to enjoy orchids in the garden.

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