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An RHS horticultural monograph on all species and cultivars of red-hot poker.

Explore the diversity of Kniphofia, from the amazing array of species in Africa to the many superb cultivars now available to gardeners.

All 70 species are covered, with concise botanical descriptions, identification advice and spectacular photographs in their wild habitats. Comparative tables of physical characteristics allow identification of species.

More than 160 cultivars are illustrated and described, representing the majority in cultivation today. Valuable information on size and flower period is included and they are conveniently grouped by flower colour, aiding plant choice for gardeners, designers, landscapes and the nursery trade.

Also included is taxonomic and introduction history, morphology, relationships to other genera, significant breeders, and advice on cultivation and planting associations. The book concludes with a checklist of more than 1,000 cultivar and scientific names, including extensive information on all cultivars such as first descriptions, dates and raisers..

This book is the first in a series of RHS horticultural monographs. These are the authoritative guides to the identification, botany and cultivation of beautiful garden plants. 

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