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Pitcher Plants of the Old World: Volume One

By Stewart McPherson



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Author Stewart McPherson
Binding Hardback
Date published July 2009
Number of pages 630
Publisher Redfern Natural History Productions
ISBN / Item No. 9780955891823


Pitcher plants include the largest and most spectacular of all carnivorous plants. So-called because they produce highly specialised foliage that takes the form of hollow, water-filled “pitchers”, these extraordinary plants lure and prey upon arthropods and other small animals.

The pitcher plants of the Old World also trap the largest prey of all carnivorous plants, including on rare occasions, vertebrates as large as frogs, mice and even rats.

The first in a two volume work, Pitcher Plants of the Old World: Volume One examines both genera of Old World pitcher plants (Nepenthes and Cephalotus) and documents the ecology and natural diversity of every known species for the first time and in unparalleled detail.

Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume One consists of the following chapters; Introduction, Carnivorous Plants of the World, The Pitcher Plants of the Old World, The Evolution of the Pitcher Plants of the Old World, Trapping Processes, Infauna, Nepenthes of Borneo and Nepenthes of Peninsular Malaysia and Indochina.

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